DBA130 Pallet Plastic Strapping Banding Machine

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Used DBA130 Pallet Plastic Strapping Banding Machine Used 

Less than 12 months old in excellent condition apart from a slightly distorted metal disc that retains the coil of plastic strapping, but it does not affect the machine performance.. it's probably been dropped.. This DBA130 pallet strapping machine is set to use 12mm wide polypropylene and weighs 150 kgs.

It requires a 240 V AC power supply and applies one strap at a time. It has to be withdrawn and re-inserted into a pallet for a second strap to be applied. Strapping is fed along a  horizontal probe and the operator has to pick the strap up from it's end and manually take it over the top of the pallet before feeding it back into the machine for each strap application. Note sealing head is 542mm from ground so pallets this height and less cannot be strapped using this machine. Manufactured in China.

Supplied and delivered £550 ( Cost new approx £2300)

Email us on info@pscl.co.uk or call 0115 9291212 for further information.

Manufacturers specification:




Cycle Time

1.5 seconds/strap excluding time required to locate machine in pallet, pick up strap from end of probe, take it over the top of the pallet and feed it into the machine. Same operation is required for any subsequent straps after the machine is withdrawn and then relocated into the pallet.


Max applicable tension


Probe length (mm)

 1000mm, 1200mm

Width of Strap

 9,12, 15mm

Source voltage(V)

 220V 50HZ

Power ( Kw /h)


Overall size (mm)


Net weight(kg)



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