Electric Pallet Strapping Machine

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Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine - Electric

What's different about this pallet plastic strapping machine is that it's manufactured in Japan, the nation that invented strapping machines so there are decades of successful strapping machine manufacture behind it.

Electric Pallet Strapping machineLike all good ideas there are many copies but... none of them quite meet the performance levels of this unit. 

  • Uses PET or PP Strap up to 15mm wide*
  • Uses strapping wound on 408mm ID x 150mm or 200mm ID x 200mm coils*
  • Sealing Point 351mm from floor for lower pallets
  • Designed with fold up sword or safe storage
  • Can be quickly moved to any Single Phase supply
  • Variable Tension up to 70kg
  • Full specification Pallet Strapping Machine

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