Electric Pallet Strapping Machine

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Strap Poka ESF plastic strapping machine can be mounted on conveyors such that non palletised and palletised product on skids or pallets can be strapped very easily and quickly with this very simple, easily installed device that will place a plastic strap around the unit load at the touch of a button Used in conjunction with an electric 'One touch' strapping tool suspended from overhead, or from  sliding rail if more than one Strap Poka BF unit is installed in parallel, this simple system is often quicker than the much more expensive automated in line plastic strapping systems - more productive - quicker pay back periods -  far less to go wrong - no service contracts required. The Strap Poka ESF can also be presented as a static unit.i.e product can be taken direct off production line and placed on a stacking jig incorporating these units

Email info@pscl.co.uk or call us on 0115 9291212 for more information about how this machine can be much quicker and more reliable  than conventional automated strapping machines.


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