Extruded Polyester Strapping

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Polyester Strapping.

Extruded Polyester Strap is the material that has now largely replaced steel strapping worldwide for all pallet strapping applications. It is non rusting and therefore safe and easy to handle, and has the advantage that it unaffected by changes in ambient temperature and has the ability to hold any tension applied over longer periods than polypropylene strap, coupled with the fact that it has higher elongation than steel strap it tends to stay much tighter around a pallet should there be any load consolidation during handling and transit.*Two grades of polyester are generally offered in a wide variety of specifications – hand tool grades – often coloured black and made from re-cycled  materials, and auto machine grades manufactured largely from virgin polymers and coloured green. Polyester strap is wound on cardboard cores having a 406mm ID x 150mm width and also on plastic reels for hand tool grades.
Both grades are suitable for pallet strapping and other heavy duty strapping applications. Strap widths available from 9mm - 32mm.

Typical Applications for Polyester Strapping.


Textile Baling

Coiled Aluminium


Coiled Wire

Strapped Timber Logs

Strapped Palletized Ingots

Strapped Concrete Blocks & Bricks

Strapped Sheet Materials

Strapped Sawn Timber



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  • If the strap is being used to manually strap pallets then see how this can be done in less than 40 seconds and with half the effort at low cost by checking out Strap-Pokas mobile pallet strapping machines.

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