Food Stainless Steel Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine

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Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine Stainless Steel

StraPack RQ-8 STS and StraPack RQ-8 STSA

Offering the features of the market-leading RQ8 strapping machine, the frame and body panels of the RQ-8 STS  are manufactured from stainless steel to eliminate rusting when it is used in food packaging plants. The machine can be supplied as the Model RQ-8 STSA with driven conveyors built into the table tops for use in fully automated conveyor systems.

  • Up to 40 straps per minute
  • Stainless Steel Frame with nylon, locking castors
  • Standard Arch Size 850 x 500mm to enable cross strapping
  • Ball switch for faster, two handed operation
  • RQ-8 STSA Fully-Auto version has conveyor belts built into table top
  • RQ-8 STSD Twin-Arch double strapping version available
  • Self-correcting technology in the unlikely event of a short feed
  • Easy strap loading (compatible with 5, 6, 9, 12, 15.5 mm strap)
  • Reliable motor and drive mechanism
  • Self-lubricating design reduces wear and tear
  • Tension capability up to 80kgf (150mm stroke)
  • Ready to operate in under 25 secs
  • Energy Saving Auto shut off
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