Strapping Starter Kit PR300MBT

Title: Basic Strapping Kit without tensioner PR300MB
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Strapping Starter Kit PR300MBT

Strapping Starter Kit PR300MBT is suitable for those situations where palletised loads are strapped daily. The kit comprises Two  Industry  Standard size reels of 300 Kgs break strength 12mm wide x 1000 metres each black polypropylene strapping, a box (1,000pcs) metal buckles CB4, a floor standing reel holder type SCRE. and a Strap Tensioner
Note: Metal buckles are specified so that the strap strength can be fully utilsed. 

Instructions on how to thread metal buckles       Video on how to thread metal buckles with plastic strapping.

Method of operation is simple - pass the strap around the carton/pallet and then thread it into the buckle, pulling up the slack strap by hand. Finally, Feed the strap into the tensioner to apply final tension and cut the strap from the reel.

Advice: About buying Plastic Strapping Starter Kits

Advice: Get two straps around a pallet in just 6 Seconds with a mobile Pallet Strapping Machine

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