Pallet Strapping Machine -Type HP3SA Horizontal

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Pallet Strapping Machine -  Type HP3SA .

The HP3SA Pallet strapping machine applies THREE  horizontal plastic straps to a palletised load - it's ideally suited for fruit and vegetable packers, chemical drums or any unit load requiring horizontal straps. Operation is easy… simply pre-drape the number of straps required across the front of the unit and push it around the pallet to precisely place up to 3 straps as required. Place the two ends of the strap into a strapping tool to finish the operation. Strap height and pitch can be easily/quickly adjusted, and swivel castors at the rear of the unit make it very manoeuvrable.
Access to the rear corners of the unit allows for placement of corner protection pieces and an overhead storage tray for the strapping tool enables the operator to do the job easily and in half the time taken by conventional manual methods.

It is often the case that because pallets can be strapped anywhere, these strapping machines achieve a greater throughput rate than the automated strapping systems that either require expensive infeed/outfeed conveyors or a means of taking the pallets to that type of system such as fork lift trucks.

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Battery Powered Strapping Tools?

Battery powered strapping tools are ideal for use with this pallet strapping machine although buckles and simple tensioners are commonly used. See a good selection of the most reliable and robust friction weld tools Click Here

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