Strapping Starter Kit 260

Title: Kit 260/S2 - *CARRIAGE PAID*
Sale price£209.34


Strapping Starter Kit 260 comprises:

  • 1000 metre reels of 12mm wide x 260 Kgs Polypropylene strap.
  • One H23 Tensioner and ST12 sealer.
  • One reelholder – Type SCRE or MCR
  • One box of 2000 SO12HD seals – safer than the standard seals normally offered with kits.

Strapping Starter Kit purchase options are:

  •  Kit 260/S2 –   2 reels of strap and a static coilholder.
  •  Kit 260/M2 –  2 Reels of strap and a mobile coilholder.
  •  Kit 260/S6 –  6 Reels of strap and a static coilholder.
  •  Kit 260/M6 – 6 Reels of strap and a mobile coilholder.
  • Download pdf Literature on these Strapping Kits.
  • Advice: Buying strapping starter kits
  • Pallet strapping application?
  • Use Strap-Poka – pallet strapping machines and  put two straps simultaneously around a pallet in 6-8 seconds. It’s very fast!
  •   March 2022  Due to very frequent cost increases please check prices before  ordering i.e published prices may not be current .

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