Manual Pallet Stretch Machine

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Manual pallet stretch wrapping machine SS1-M

...makes the job easier and much safer - far safer than walking backwards in spirals in a crouched position -  all day, a task for which it's virtually impossible to write risk free working instructions.

Designated Safety Stretch SS1-M this manual stretch wrapping machine enables pallets to be safely and quickly wrapped and eliminates most of the risks to health and safety associated with conventional manual methods in widespread use..  

  • Significant reduction in operator fatigue with no need to crouch or reach high to apply film
  • Suitable for pallets up to 2 metres high.
  • Controllable pre-stretch tension to give even wrap and save film
  • Machine can be easily moved to the pallet removing the need for a centralised packing area
  • Dimensions W560mm x D1150mm x H2100mm

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