Mosca RO-M-RI Small Bundle Strapping Machine

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Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine.

A unusual German manufactured automatic plastic strapping machine that’s ideal for small long bundles of timber, extrusions and pipe as with a retracting strap arch, packages can be presented to/ taken from the strapping machines either longtitudinally or transversly ie straight off machining tables for timber/ plastic mouldings.

These automatic plastic strapping machines use the well proven heat seal method of joining straps and are actuated by foot pedal or external signal. Naturally, automatic strap feed, strap reel end detection, electronic controls, energy saving drives and wear free strap tracks come as standard.

The RO-M-RI automatic strappimng machine uses 5 – 12mm polypropylene strap widths wound on a 200mm ID x 190mm width cardboard cores, and can place 18 straps per minute.
Power requirements are 400V, 50/60 HZ, 3 PH.
Power consumption approx 1.1 KVA

Full manufacturers back up service available.


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