Automatic Strapping Banding Machine - Type RO-TRC-3 by MOSCA

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Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine -Type RO-TRC-3

Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine -Type RO-TRC-3  with pack compression, incorporates all that is best in the latest plastic strapping machine technology. The banding machine uses 5 – 12mm wide polylypropylene strapping and can apply up to 35 single straps/15 double straps per minute varying with frame size. Frame sizes available are 900 × 550, 1250 × 550, 1650 × 550 and 2000 × 550. The strapping machine requires a 400V(415,440) 50/60Hz, 3 Ph. supply and power consumption is approx 2.5 KVA. Pneumatic operating pressure 6 bar – 1/4 inch rapid clutch and 10 l/cycle air consumption. Manufacture: Germany.

From an operational viewpoint… it’s very good. i.e.

Pneumatic double press.
Wear free brushless motor technology.
PLS Seimens control type 57
Bundle infeed by knurled conveying rollers.
Variable speed conveyors with easy access.
Minimum bundle width 250mm
Adustable strap placement and tension.
Switch for single/double strapping… and strap counter.
Quick change coilholders and automatic strap threading.
Wear free strap track and automatic strap loop ejection if machine cycles without bundle
Automatic strap end ejection

Safety circuit for upstream/downstream systems.

Available with full UK based service backup – A safe buying decision.


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