Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

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Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine - German Manufacture.

What’s unusual about this semi automatic box strapping machine?

Well although it does everything that you’d expect of a semi automatic strapping machine, and it’s much more robust AND RELIABLE than virtually any other machine of this type… and it’s useful life is twice that of conventional semi automatic strapping machines the answer to the question is that it has VERY high residual value e.g after 10 -15 years use, long after other machines have been scrapped, MO-M-7 strapping machines are in big demand and achieve high resale values.

This semi-automatic strapping  machine uses 5, 8,and 12mm wide polypropylene strapping wound on 200mm ID x 190mm wide cardboard cores, that are loaded onto a quick release coilholder under the machine. Strap tension is adjusted via an external control and the rate of strap feed from the sealing head is adjustable from 370 – 1120mm/sec.
A quiet heat seal unit, electronically temperature controlled, is used to join the strap. Pack size capable of being strapped is as large as can be comfortable handled onto the machine and minimum pack width is 80mm. Power supply required is 230V, 50/60 HZ, 1PH

As you have probably gathered this German manufactured semi-automatic strapping machine is a top quality unit and although it costs more than those machines manufactured in the Far East, the cost premium makes it an excellent long term investment.

Full UK Service back up available.  Click on the link to see a video of a typical semi automatic strapping machine being used

Email us on or call 0115 9291212 for further information.

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