Strapping Machine - Side Seal Automatic by MOSCA

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Strapping Machine - Side Seal - RO-TRS.

Automated Strapping Machines manufactured in Germany by Mosca such as this  RO-TRS automated side sealing unit are ideal for those messy strapping applications because any debris simply falls to floor and not into the strapping mechanism. Built with the customary Mosca thoroughness these semi-automatic strapping machines not only last much longer than most other strapping machines of this type they have exceptionally high residual value. This particular strapping machine incorporates:

Automatic loop ejection together with strap end detection of the remaining strap.
Direct current drive by wear free direct drives, and wear free strap track system.
Adjustable roller actuation with frequency controlled motor.
Adjustable strap pitches.
PLC control Seimens Type S7, and operator panel Seimens type OP7.
Dry contact relay for for upstream/downstream systems.
Heat welding system with electronic temperature control.
… and much more besides.

The strapping machine uses 5 – 12mm polypropylene strapping and can place up to 38 straps per minute, varying with size of strap track and pack size. Strap track widths are available up to 1600mm and height up to 600mm. Minimum pack height is 120mm.


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