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Signode Automated newspaper and magazine plastic strapping machines type LB - three off  - Year of manufacture 2003 - used for sale - 

Offers invited. Sold June 2012

Manufacturers Machine Specification:

Designed with the operator in mind, the LB-Newspaper (LB-N) high-speed newspaper bundling machine is loaded with innovative features making it the newspaper industry's most reliable bundler as well as the easiest to operate and service. The LB-N straps up to 40 bundles per minute and uses 5 or 6mm strapping.

Signode LB Strapping Machine features:

Fully accessible strap path
Signode LB Machine doors and panels can be opened or fully removed, providing access to all internal components. The LB-N's "copy machine" design also provides complete access to the entire strap path, enabling jam clearing in 20 seconds without using any tools.
Automatic cut-off and refeed
The Signode LB-N automatically ejects misfed strap, rethreads itself and continues strapping without requiring operator intervention.
Patented, jam-resistant technology
The Signode LB-N is designed to deliver the most jam-resistant technology available. Its unique design enables the LB-N to continue cycling in situations that commonly cause plastic  strap jams and misfeeds in other newspaper strapping machines.
Self-tracking conveyor belts
Self-tracking conveyor belts improve productivity by eliminating the need for frequent adjustments.
Simple adjustments
All adjustments on the Signode LB Strapping Machine can be easily performed without the use of wrenches or other tools, which helps maximize productivity.

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