Friction Weld Plastic Strapping Tool SBXT-2

Title: Friction Weld Strapping Tool
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Friction Weld Plastic Strapping Tool can be operated 'Hands Free'.

Friction Weld Plastic Strapping Tool SBXT-2 has an excellent pedigree as it is an updated version of the world’s most popular Friction Weld strapping tool – the Signode BXT that has been manufactured for many years. The purchase of this tool is ‘a safe decision’ – no one ends up with ‘egg on face’ as the reliability, robustness and low service costs are unparalleled… and it’s just got better. The SBXT-2 Friction Weld Tool now incorporates wear free bushless motors, the latest LI-ion Battery Technology allows fast recharging (in as little as 15 minutes) at any time – even when the battery is not fully discharged, and the renowned BXT welding system that produces high strength strap joints. The S-BXT-2 Friction Weld Strapping Tool offers three operational modes:

Manual: Tensioning with push button welding:
Semi Auto: With two push buttons for tensioning and welding.
Fully Auto: With a single button operation

Click Here for short You Tube Video showing how easy it is to use - or here for full SBXT-2 technical specification 

And to see how easy they are to maintain click this link - Strapping Tool Repair

Click this link-  Friction Weld Strapping Tool Set up and use - for longer version


If the strapping tool is being used for pallet strapping then a Strap-Poka Pallet Strapping Machine will place two straps around a pallet - simultaneously - in just 6 seconds to enable the job to be done in half the time with half the effort, and prevent the tool being dropped and damaged. See the video Click here!

*Alternatively, and at lower cost a Friction Weld Work Station. will support the tool against the side of the pallet to provide virtual ‘Hands free’ strapping and avoid the necessity to pick up/put down a strapping tool hundreds of times a day.


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