Pallet strapping trolley for flowers,fruit,veg.

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Pallet Strapping Machine Type HP3SA-WA

... is a mobile pallet strapping machine that enables horizontal straps to be easily applied...AND UNIQUELY makes the use of cardboard corner strips - or edge protection - much easier and quicker by holding each strip in postion on the corner of the pallet until the first strap is applied. Straps are applied by pulling it off the coils and walking around the pallet to form a strap loop around the pallet - strap is then fed into a strapping tool to complete the process. The basic strapping machine is light, and easy to move around, particularly suited to busy environments where space is at a premium.

An ideal mobile - low cost - maintenance free  option for  Fruit, Veg, Flower growers that speeds up production flow, and cuts costs.

This strapping machine is available with a variety of options i.e  a drop down step to enable those top level straps be secured easily - a tool suspension unit to make the job virtually hands free, and a carrier to hold a pack of edge protection strips. Where a combination of horizontal and vertical straps are required unit HP3SA-WAVP2 will simultaneously apply two vertical straps around the pallet when the machine is pushed under the pallet.

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