Pallet Strapping Machine for horizontal/vertical pallet strapping

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Pallet Strapping Machine H2SAVP1 Mobile

...simultaneously applies 2 horizontal straps and one vertical strap around palletised drums of chemicals… with just one push. The height of the horizontal straps can be steplessly adjusted and it takes ‘just one push’ to place and hold all three straps around the pack, effectively reducing the time and effort to strap these pallets by 70%

Although speed coupled with low cost and nil maintenance are the primary benefits of these Pallet Strapping Machines, there are others including the fact that operators find the job much easier and far less tiring, so every one ‘wins’ These pallet strapping machines  can also be supplied with overhead strapping tool support such that the user operates virtually 'Hands Free'

See a video of a similar unit via YouTube Click here

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