Pallet Strapping Machine MH-VM

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Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine Signode

Pallet Strapping Machine MH-VM, a side seal pallet strapping machine combines quick-change strap feeding and sealing modules with high speed, reliable operation to maximize productivity and reduce downtime. Simple to operate and easy to maintain, the MH-VM with its large selection of chutes sizes is ideal for almost any packaging application. See a video of one of these machines in operation.

Take a good look at this machine and appreciate its simplicity - The MH-VM has separate strap feeding and sealing modules weighing less than 30 lbs each. These lightweight, compact modules are easy to access and can be changed out quickly for routine maintenance. Click Here to see a video showing how fast - just seconds - sealing and tesioning modules can be replaced ensuring maximum uptime.

Signode Strapping machine HeadSmart-weld technology ensures that regardless of fluctuating voltage, each weld is created by the same amount of anvil resistance for maximum joint reliability every time. 

The MH-VM is available in 69 different chutes sizes, accommodating virtually any packaging application... so call us and lets discuss your application.

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