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Paper strapping promoted as a substitute for plastic strapping has arrived…. we’ve tested it - it has  limitations primarily in strength terms – as little as 45 – 55 Kgs  - and less when its joined with a metal clip - Its  currently  only sufficient to hold lightweight cartons - say 10 kgs or less, because if carriers pick a parcel up  using only one strap  the inertial load can easily be 30-40 kgs.

Paper Strapping compatibility with existing strapping machinery may be claimed but it is possible more strapping  machine maintenance may be required due to paper dust generated. Semi automatic strapping machines are generally used to strap cartons weighing up to 24 kgs so there are underlying safety issues to bear in mind and possible product damage if the paper strapping is used in them.

At the time of this investigation paper strapping costs many times more than a plastic strap having three times the strength.  If it was a brilliant product we would offer it. 

However, whilst waiting for further developments with paper strapping many eco conscious companies are making an immediate contribution to the worldwide need to reduce plastics use whilst at the same time saving  thousand of pounds p.a. Before we indicate how they are doing it consider this:  

Massive distribution centres are everywhere filled with millions of pallets all covered in stretch film – and just under half this number don't need it, particularly those where the product is protected by both primary and secondary cartons. Manufacture, packing, storage, delivery of products generally all take place under cover indicating that outer cartons do not essentially require protection against dust (Nice but not essential) indicating probable overuse of stretch film -  not eco responsible, particularly when there other more cost effective means of securing product onto pallets.

Although stretch film/roll is not expensive the cost of applying it is very expensive in terms of time and labour regardless of whether it is done manually or with a stretch wrap turntable. Manually applied its generally a slow and costly  operation that requires the person applying it to walk backwards in spirals around the pallet in a stooped position enforcing an ergonomically poor and unsafe operation.

Use of a motorised stretch wrap turn table is safer but can be even more expensive and time consuming - the wrap is quicker - but a fork lift, driver and time are required to load the turntable and unload wrapped pallets. 

The option  is to use plastic strapping that can be applied – without taking the pallet anywhere – without requiring employees to walk backwards in spirals risking injury  - saving thousands in the process – offering very fast payback.. 

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Click Here to see how stretch film use can be reduced and why there is a growing trend to use plastic strapping instead. 

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