Pipe, Mouldings Strapping Machine

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Pipe and Mouldings Strapping Machine

Based on the  AQ-7 strapping machine, the AQ-7RS fully automated strapping machines have "rotating arches" which - in the rest position - are below the table-tops, allowing lengths of timber to pass over rather than through the machines - ideal where space is restricted..

Strapping Timber MouldingsWhen the packs are in the strapping position, the arches rotate upwards and straps are applied simultaneously at intervals along the length of the product, according to the number of machines in use. Ideal for all long products such as plastic pipes, timber mouldings and skirtings, tile battens etc.

Machine specification:

Arch size: W300 x H200

Machine Dimensions W1720mm x H1064mm x D374mm. Table height 794mm.

Machine weight: 250 Kgs.

Min Pack Size:W85 x H50mm

Strap width:5 - 6 - 9 -12 - 15.5mm

Max strap tension:70kgf

                                                                     Speed: 4.5 seconds per strap.

Strap Type: Polypropylene.

Core Size: 200mm ID x 190mm W

Power:200/240V 50Hz and also 3 Phase

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