Starter Kits - Facts you should know.

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Starter Kits - Caution

If shopping for plastic strapping starter kits first make the following consideration - will it be a one time purchase only or is it likely that you will want to buy more strapping and seals, in which case look very carefully at what is being offered as that 'Discounted ' offer could prove to be very expensive.

Plastic strapping kits fall into two categories. There are those intended for one time use only and others that really are starter kits insofar as they offer Industry standard quanties for strapping clips and strapping material.

One time use strapping kits often feature strapping in cardboard boxes that enclose 'short coils i.e. where for example a particular strapping specification is normally wound 1000 metres per reel or coil, the carton will have only 750 metres, and similarly the strapping clips and buckles will be offered in lots of 250 or 500 pcs rather than standard carton lots. Some Strapping Kits featuring strapping on plastic reels simililarly provide a reduced meterage in order to make the cost appear competitive, and sometimes this can be spotted - see illustration.  It can be seen that strapping is not wound close to the rim of the reel such that there is daylight betwen rim and the spokes of the reel, so look at any illustration featured by other vendors.

Strapping Kits should always offer industry standard quantities as that is the most economical way to buy strapping materials

Strapping clips frequently offered with strapping starter kits are the short 25mm long clips suitable for small carton  strapping - not palletised product as their abilty to hold loads applied to the strapping without letting it slip through the clip is on average limited to between 60 -100Kgs... pointless therefore buying strapping, strapping tools described as suitable for heavy duty applications if the system uses 'short seals',,, dangerous too!

So be aware, be safe and buy according to your needs.  

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