Polypropylene Strapping On Reels For Handtool Applications

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Plastic Strap on Reels.

PLPR polypropylene strapping is available in a range of break strengths, wound on a plastic reel and is suitable for handtool applications such as box and pallet strapping.  For 10 -20 – 30 or more reel lots large discounts are available on all specifications 
(Note however that if more than 20 cartons a day are being strapped per day then a semi automatic strapping machine would be more economical than would a hand tool - it would take just five seconds to apply two straps with a semi automatic strapping machine but could take 60 or 90 seconds with a handtool)

Reel holders suitable for these strap specifications are types SCRE and MCR Many strap specifications are available printed with your company name, logo etc

If the application involves strapping more than 10 pallets per day, serious consideration should be given to using a Mobile Strap-Poka Pallet Strapping Machine as they will place two straps around a pallet in just 6 seconds, dramatically reducing the time, cost and effort.


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