Polyester Strap - Anti Static Cordstrap

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Anti Static Polyester Strapping

TENOP - U – GAS… the only non metallic straps to meet the strict requirements of The British Coal Board for underground use….its that good!
Manufactured from polyester and coated in a specially formulated anti-static coating Tenop -U – Gas was awarded Safety Approval certificate No: 5253

How good is it?..for more than 10 years it made the use of steel strapping in UK mines obsolete, and  eliminated the frequent injuries that used to be caused by steel strap. Extensive static and dynamic testing on all types of load have demonstrated that Tenop-U-Gas is the ideal and safe strapping material for product going underground. Suppliers to the mines also use Tenop.

Tenop-U-Gas is available in three sizes offering system strengths up to 2.3 tonnes and is applied using a simple tensioner and buckle system. Full specifications can be obtained on request.

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