Polyester Plastic Strapping

Title: MS1260/48 - 48 coils polyester x 12mm x 0.6mm x 2500 metres x B.L 300Kg .
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Polyester Strapping:

Extruded polyester strapping is generally coloured black or trancluscent green, and is the material that has now largely replaced steel strapping. Polyester strapping is used thru handtools, joined with serrated seals or welded with a battery powered friction weld tool, and also through automatic strapping machines.  The materials key characteristics are the range of strengths available, it's ability to hold any tension applied without relaxation in all ambient conditions, it's  resistance to UV degradation, and its elastic memory.  Consequently polyester strapping is in widespread use throughout the Building Products Industry on such heavy itens as bricks, blocks, concrete structures, steel work, and in the Paper and Board Industries where palletised product tends to settle, resulting in unstable packs when steel straps were used, Polyester strapping is also used on palletized cans and bottles where its elastic memory is put to ultimate use, as up to six pallets are stacked, one on the other,, and all straps have to remain tight... even those on the bottom pallet. More about polyester strapping and polyester strapping applications

Polyester strapping is generally used for securing product onto pallets and this can be done very quickly and cost effectively using the low cost, mobile pallet strapping machines called Strap Pokas.

The range of extruded polyester straps is extensive so we show a limited selection of the popular MS grades, suitable for handtool and machine applications. If the exact specification required is not listed, or you order more than the 12 coil lots priced (Ex VAT) call us for more information including QUANTITY DISCOUNTS AND COLLECTED PRICES.

All straps are wound on cardboard cores 406mm ID x 150mm width. and are available printed to your requirements

SAFETY NOTICE: All extruded polyester straps must be joined with either a serrated safety seal – Types K12 or type K16 if a mechanical tool is used , or with a frictionweld tool such as Type BXT.

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