Robotic Stretch Film Machine PSCLM-80

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Introducing a new range of entry level self-propelled stretch wrapping machines, the Robomaster PSCLM80. Attractive design and sophisticated technology combine in Robomaster to create a solid and reliable robot that stretch wraps loads on pallets. Robomaster was constructed according to the design, construction and safety criteria used to build top performance robots. Robomaster is an agile and compact packaging tool based on experience with over 25,000 robots sold worldwide.
While intended for typically industrial use, Robomaster is simple to use, taking
various and severe working conditions into account. Robomaster is also
equipped with technical solutions such as: start cycle siren, blinker visible
during product wrapping, immediate stop button and emergency bumpers
to guarantee high safety levels.


The machine is supplied complete with: 

  • Traction battery for 24v 110 amp (standard fork truck battery) 
  • Built in battery charger able to charge battery from 13 amp domestic supply 
  • Infinitely variable film tension device 
  • Automatic load height detection by photo cell 
  • Safety personnel bumper and emergency stops, mast mounted flashing amber warning light and audible warning device 
  • Steering arm with forward and reverse manual control 
  • Robot function controlled by microprocessor with full adjustment for speed around load to be wrapped, variable wraps at top and bottom of load, variable overlapping of film, variable film stretch and warning circuits to indicate low battery charge and correct machine function. 
  • Wrap height of up to 2.2m 
  • Easily raised smooth outer cover for protection of components and for safety of operator.


  • All Robomaster machines comply fully with, and in some cases exceed, current UK and European Health and Safety Regulations (UK HSE Guidance Note HG5 76, BS5304 & CE).
  • Accreditation to IS0 9001 for the design and manufacture of pallet stretch wrapping machinery.
  • There is a full twelve-month guarantee on Robomaster machines


To support a quality product, an excellent after sales service is available and  stock a full range of spare parts in Bedfordshire.  Service Engineers cover the entire UK and Ireland, and Maintenance contracts are available on all machines. Ddemonstrations of the full range of our semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines can be arranged

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