SBXT-3 Swiss Manufactured Battery Friction Weld Strapping Tool

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The recently introduced upgraded version of  SBXT2 - the most reliable and robust friction weld strapping tool for pallet strapping  is designated SBXT3 - is now even better - with  two tension ranges - three working modes including the popular single touch operation - programmable tensions and weld strengths - instant reversion to favourite settings all available from the large touch screen.   The tool uses both polypropylene and polyester strapping 12 - 16mm wide. Add an 18 V li-ion battery - fully protected - capable of applying up to 800 straps per charge - with quick recharge - quick replacement of wear parts when required and it's easy to understand why these strapping tools remain top of the worldwide quality and value ratings..

CLICK HERE to see short 40 second video of this type of tool being used to strap pallets

       Model:          Tension Range STD    Tension Range Soft

       STX3 -13     400 -1200N                  150 - 750N
       STX3 -16     800 - 2500N                 400 - 1360N
       STX3 -19     1300 - 4500N               400 - 1600N



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