Sealess Tool For Steel Strapping - L221

Title: l221 Sealess Tool _ * CARRIAGE PAID*
Sale price£520.00


EUROPEAN MANUFACTURED Premium quality sealess tool - See the video on You Tube - recommended as best value in terms of purchase price, ease of use and reliability, with the added benefit of having lower spares costs – should they ever be needed – than most other quality tools of this type.

*It’s small and light at just 3.5kgs and is used with 12.7mm – 16mm – 19mm strap widths, 0.4mm -0.6mm thick with a max tensile strength of 900N/mm2. ( Medium tensile)

Strap guides for the various widths of strap are included with each tool.

Operation is easy – squeeze two handles together to lift the tension wheel – slide the two steel straps underneath – and release. Apply tension to the strap with the tension lever and push the sealing lever forwards and backwards – once – to make a high efficiency joint and cut the strap to allow the tool be removed from the pack. 

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