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Strapping Machine  Semi Automatic Hire Multi Offer is brilliant value to Companies strapping  boxes, cartons and bundles of product on a constant basis using strapping handtools, as semi automatic strapping machines will strap cartons 20 - 30 times faster than can be achieved with handtools, (and some one to operate them that is probably costing at least 15 pence per minute.)  

See how easy carton strapping can be watch the video

First consider the offer!

Get three semi automatic strapping machines for just £66 a month ( Rate 12/2010) - That's right - for all three!

It will also be of interest to other Companies that already use semi automatic strapping machines that currently spend hundred pounds every year on semi automatic strapping machine maintenance and the consequent inconvenience that accompanies strapping machine breakdown. New more reliable strapping machines can be obtained with no demands on capital, just a small outlay every month on which tax benefits can be available. Machine has a 6 month return to base warranty. 

 Second - consider the offer!

That's equivalent to just £5.08 a week per machine or £1.16 a day  ( Check current rates)

Terms are offered on the basis of a three year agreement. Enquire about current lease terms.

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