Semi Automatic Strapping Machine TP10(9)

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 This semi automatic strapping machine is the best value - that's why it massively outsells every other brand worldwide but do be careful as it is also copied i.e copies look identical externally but quality components stripped out which results in any perceived savings being illusory as reliability is not as good, and consequently service frequency and costs are higher. - and that's why the TP 202 is such good value as it seldom needs servicing.

Strapping Machine Hire or Lease.

In response to  increasing numbers of requests this strapping machine is now being offered on lease terms and typical 36 +1 payment plans mean that these machines cost as little as £1.00 per day - relate this to the fact that a person operating a strapping handtool will probably be costing at least 16 pence/minute and can probably strap only one carton in this time its plainly evident that after six cartons have been strapped


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