Sealer ST16 For Polypropyene Strap

Title: ST16 Sealer for 16mm Seals Type SO16 - * Carriage Paid*
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Sealer ST16 For Polypropyene Strap

Sealer ST16 For Polypropyene Strap is used for closing a 16mm seal around a plastic strap after tension has been applied. For use with SO1632 smooth faced semi open seals 32mm long. Not suitable for polyester strapping. See  a short video via YouTube showing how strapping sealers are used 

Banding Kits:

Banding kits are also available comprising strap tensioner, crimper, clips and reelholder together with polypropylene strapping in a range of different specifications and quantities to suit your application. Click Here for full information.

Pallet Strapping? 

If the sealers are being used to seal strap around palletised goods take a look at the Strap-Pokas as they make the job much easier and faster – two straps around a pallet in just 6 seconds! 

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