Steel Strap 'Chopper'

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Steel Strapping 'Chopper'

Steel Strap 'Chopper'  that makes the rest look like toys!  Offering a safe and cost effective means of steel and plastic strapping disposal, the Slik 5000 Heavy Duty Strap Chopper is the ideal way for companies to meet their waste recycling obligations. The Strap Chopper fits neatly over a standard 40 gallon oil drum and reduces steel, polypropylene and polyester strapping into 75mm lengths at the rate of 30 metres per minute. It can also be placed on a mobile frame with a large polypropylene bag slung underneath if polypropylene/ polyester strap is chopped.

Maximum steel strap capacity is 32mm x 1.27mm thick steel with seal.
Strap Choppers are of European manufacture – are precision engineered, heavy duty units that comply with the latest safety standards, are CE marked and incorporate safety overload controls.

Reducing strapping materials into a compact form not only aids good houskeeping and safety practice but also reduces collection costs and adds re-sale value to the waste product.


Power Supply: 3×400 V, 50-60 HZ

Strap: Max 32×1.27 steelstrap

Cutting device Turntable Knives

Capacity: 30m/min

Weight: 120 Kilo

Dimensions: 600×800 x 350mm

Insulation class: IP54

Steel Strap Safety Cutters?

Steel Strap Safety Cutters are needed/strongly reccomended to remove steel strapping from packages prior to putting the strap into the strap chopper - Click here for details.

Email us on or call 0115 9291212 for further information.


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