Strap Chopper for plastic straps.

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Paying for collection of waste bins every week?  (often full mainly of fresh air) - then this is the solution for you - fewer bins - fewer collections - much lower waste disposal costs.

The model PSCL 300 is a light duty strap chopper that has a small footprint  AND can be located anywhere there is a  3 pin 240V supply. It chops straps into 75mm lengths approx , quietly and quickly at the rate of 33 metres/min.

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The following are materials commonly processed through the Model PSCL 300.

19mm x 0.75mm steel banding with clip

19mm x 1.25 PP/PET straps

16mm x 0.8mm PP/PE

A Tough Light Duty Machine 


CE Approved 

Easy to reach Feedworks Release hand lever

Infeed funnel with “Anti-Kickback” flap 

Knives can be rotated (3 times) for extended life

Made in the USA 

One year warranty

Electric Motor  0.37 Kw/240v

Infeed opening  25mm x 40mm

Number of Stationary Knives 1

Number of Rotating Knives 1

Overall Dimensions  485 x 760 x 485mm

Machine Weight 62 Kgs

Option: Metal Stand to support a 'bulk bag' underneath the chopper on a pallet 

and bespoke options e.g if polypropylene, polyester and steel straps are being 'chopped' and need to be separated enquire about our multi bin system that allows the Strap Chopper to slide over any one of three bins.  

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