Strap Chopper Type PSCL450DX

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Strap Chopper Type PSCL 450DX

PSCL450DX Strap Chopper has a 89mm infeed opening providing easier feeding for the wider strapping materials. It is the ideal unit for a loading dock or timber yard situation or any goods inward area needing to dispose of strapping materials. Supplied ready to fit on a steel drum. Stand is optional extra.

Material Reference

These materials can be processed through the PSCL 450WM Banding Chopper:

  • 9mm   x  1.98mm steel band
  • 12.7mm x .1.6mm steel band
  • 19mm x .1.16mm steel band
  • 22.2mm x 0.78mm steel band
  • All sizes of PP/PET plastic strapping

Performance Data

  • Electric Motor Power: 1 HP
  • Infeed Speed: 32 metres/minute
  • Cut Length: 76mm
  • Infeed Opening: 89mm x 25.4mm
  • Overall size 999 x 635 x 482mm
  • Shipping weight 161 Kgs
  • Stationary Knives 1
  • Rotating Knives 1
  • Knives can be rotated 4 times for extended life
  • One year Warranty

Ready for any size of plastic/PET strap and a steady diet of  22mm steel bands.

Standard Electrical Options.

1 phase 120V -50Hz - 7.6 amps

1 Phase 240V - 50Hz - 3.8 amps

3 Phase 230V - 50HZ -3.2 amps

3 Phase 460V -50Hz - 1.6 amps


The model 450 DX (1 phase 120V is standard with a 2.4 metre 15 amp power supply plug and cord. The model 450DX 1 phase 240V and 3 phase 230/460V is NOT supplied with a power cord or plug. Note also that the stand is an optional extra and quoted separately.

How it works

Just introduce the banding material into the infeed tunnel. Pinchrolls then grab the strap and pull it into the rotating knives. The feed will continue to pull strap at the rate of 32 metres /minute until strap is consumed or the operator releases the feed control release lever.

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