Strapex STB70 Ex demonstrator Battery Powered Strapping Tool

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Ex demonstrator plastic strapping tool - virtually unmarked - pictures are of actual tool offered - excellent value for this precision Swiss manufactured friction weld strapping tool for use with 12mm or 16mm  wide polypropylene or polyester strapping materials 

Supplied and delivered £1680.

Manufacturers specification reads:

The STB 70 is a high quality, lightweight battery powered hand tool and is the most cost-effective and reliable solution to a wide range of general purpose strapping applications. One button automatic mode is available on all of the models within the STB range, offering consistent tensioning helping to reduce operator. The STB 70 uses the latest brushless motor technology reducing the number of wear parts helping to extend the life of the tool and reduce total cost of ownership.

The STB 70 is designed for use with 13 to 16mm polyester and polypropylene strapping with a 
tensioning speed of 220mm/s, which is proven to improve production uptime.

Further benefits are:

  • Strap tension easily adjustable with touch button panel
  • Rugged, compact and hard wearing design
  • Simple energy efficient strapping system
  • A simple, easy to use strapping hand tool
  • Operator controlled increasing work-efficiency

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