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Metal Can and Bottle Pallet Strapping Machines...are highly automated and palletised product is normally secured with two polyester straps applied by automated strapping machines.  It is the case however that sometimes the strapping machines 'mis-fire' and apply only one strap, requiring a production line to be stopped - conveyors reversed - and the pallet passed thru the strapping machine again to apply a second strap.

There is a very simple solution to this inconvenient and time consuming situation that allows for the second strap to be quickly and easily applied without interrupting production. The low cost - maintenance free VP1 Strap Poka. will thread straps over the top of the load and thru pallet voids in seconds. Mounted down line alongside a conveyor this simple device with stepless height adjustable fork reduces downtime to.... seconds. 

Strap Pokas are bespoke manufactured to suit all types of applications Click Here to see many of the variations. See a basic unit in operation Click Here

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