STX3-19 Friction weld tool for plastic strapping

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The STX3-19 Swiss manufactured, battery powered plastic strapping tools have been brand leaders worldwide for many years due primarily to their robustness - great reliability -  coupled with near perfect balance in the hand. It's superior wear parts  require less regular replacement (low maintenance cost) and coupled with improved performance  - up to 800 cycles per charge and only  25 - 35 minutes to recharge - this tool will continue to be at the top of the  'Best Value' ratings.

The tool has an integrated touch screen to allow easy adjustment of tool settings to suit specific requirements e.g semi/automatic/manual modes and the display also indicates tension force being applied and strap cycle completion.

The STX3-13  strapping tool uses 15-16/18-19mm wide plastic strapping, 0.8 - 1.3mm thick and has  applied tension ranges of  400 - 1600N and 1300 - 4500N. Weight is just 4.3 Kgs.

Tool is powered by  18V. 4.0AH Li-Ion Battery.

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