Turntable Stretch Wrapping Machine

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The Masterplat Stretch Wrap machines are the latest range of Turntable Pallet Wrappers from Europe's largest manufacturer... (the one with the longest experience)   More than 150,000 machine sold! 
There are 2 models in the Masterplat range of Pallet Wrappers both available in Transpallet version.

The FRD standard stretch film carriage and the PGS power pre-stretch film carriage.

The standard models wrap pallets up to 2200 mm high, although 2400 mm, 2800 mm and 3100 mm wrap heights are available. 


  1. Indexed stop stops in same position after every wrap. 
  1. Variable rotation speed. 
  1. Soft Start 
  1. Photo Cell for Automatic Height Sensing 
  1. 2000mm wrap height 
  1. Drop on Film Loading Spindle (No Tools required). 
  1. Fast Feed Film System 
  1. Mains Isolator Switch. 

i.      Film banding facility 

  1. Rounded Profiles no sharp edges or corners. 
  1. Lease Purchase Option Available. 
  1. 12-Month warranty.

    In addition to the above standard features this machine is fitted with an FR film carriage. The FR film carriage has an electro-magnetic brake and is adjustable from the control panel. This has the quick loading system for easy film threading. 

    The following parameters are adjustable from the control panel: 

    Bottom wraps                                                 Top wraps 

    Rotation speed                                               Top Sheet Cycle 

    Full wrapping cycle (up and down)           Single wrapping cycle (up only) 

    Single wrapping cycle (down only)           3 storable Programmes 

    Variable Carriage speed up                         Variable Carriage speed down 

    Reinforcement wraps                                   Tension 

    Standard voltage:                           230 volt single phase supply 

    Installed power                               1.4KW

    Absorbed current                           4.8amp

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