Used Strapex STB70 Friction Weld Tool

Title: Used Friction Weld Strapping Tool
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Strapex STB70 Battery Powered friction weld tool - SOLD AUG.2014

..for 12mm and 16mm with polypropylene and polyester strapping,  used but could be described as new - because it really is in brand new condition . Complete with battery and charger

Manufacturers spec reads: 



Depending on application, adjustable operation mode:
•  Fully automatic
•  Semi-automatic
•  Manual
•  Soft


Regardless of package, size, vertical or horizontal strapping:

•  Fully or semi-automatic tensioning, welding, and strap cutting – with only one push of a button



Formultiple strapping or for the same types of goods:

•  Consistent strappings
•  Automatic strapping eliminates operator error Strapping with PP strap or for fragile packages:
•  “Soft“mode

Environmentally friendly:


Latest brushless motor engineering with the latest environmental-friendly battery technology from Bosch:
• High efficiency ratio
• Nomemory effect
• Recharging at anytime
• High number of strappings per charge


•  Energy-efficient strapping system
•  More cycles per battery charge
•  Cost efficient
•  Service-friendly  construction
•  High quality

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