Used Plastic Strapping Tool P320

Title: Used Fromm Strapping Tool P320
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Two Used Fromm Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tools...SOLD

 ...and chargers each with a brand new battery. Tension and seal strength can be pre-set and these tools are ideal for effortless tensioning and sealing of both polypropylene and polyester strapping around pallets. No clips required as the straps are welded together to give a consistent strength joint. Click this link - Fromm Strapping tools - to see how they are used on pallets

Excellent value at £870 each


Dimensions: Length: 335 mm – 13"

Width: 165 mm – 6 1/2"

Height: 125 mm – 4 15/16"

Weight (excluding 4.2 kg / 9.25 lbs.


Strap Type: PP and PET, plain qualities: and embossed

Tension: 400 – 2000 N (90 – 450 lbs)

individual adjustment (Max. tension depends on strap quality)

Average sealing approx. 75% of strap strength: breaking strength (dependent on strap quality)

Tension speed in seconds: 270 mm/s (10.5"/s)

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