Used STXT-2 Friction Weld Tool

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Used STXT-2 Friction Weld Tool

... complete with battery and charger - has been looked after and is in very tidy condition. The tool has superficial marking as one would expect but is extremely good value as new these tools cost approx £1600 - £1800.

This particular model employs all the latest technology i.e. three operating modes including one touch operation, brushless motors and quick charge Li-Ion batteries.

Extremely good value @ £1150

Click this link - Battery Powered Strapping Tool - for video showing set up and operation.

Technical Details

Designed for strapping width
Polypropylene (PP):
9 - 16 mm (3/8 - 5/8")
Polyester (PET):
9 - 16mm (3/8 - 5/8")
Designed for strapping thickness
Polypropylene (PP):
0.55 - 1.35 mm (0.022 - 0.053")
Polyester (PET):
0.55 - 1.35 mm (0.022 - 0.053")
Tensioning force
10 - 260 kgs (2600 N)
Tension speed
240 mm/sec
330mm (13")
150mm (6")
125mm (5")
Weight (including battery)
3.5kg (7.5 lbs)

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