Semi Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine - Type VP-2

Title: Pallet Strapping Machine VP2
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Pallet Strapping Machine VP2. Semi Automatic

(Video Link Click here if you would like to see a video of this pallet strapping machine in operation).
... is a mobile Semi Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine that will simultaneously apply two vertical straps around a pallet in just 6-8 seconds, simply by pushing the unit into the pallet once – and that’s very easy as the forks ‘float’ ie have no wheels under them The height of the strapping machine, length and width  of forks are adjustable as are the top gantries to cater for any packaging change and with bolt on  i.e changeable reel holders the machine is virtually future proof.
Latest options include  Strapping tool suspension units for almost 'Hands Free Operation' - particularly useful where the strapping tool is held to the side of a palletised load... and also 'add on' options for horizontal strapping applications - as we said before this machine is virtually future proof.

Why are these Semi Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines different to all the others?

Introduction of these mobile pallet strapping machines into the packaging operation will reduce the time and effort taken to strap pallets by 50 - 70% , and can save thousands of pound a year - See for yourself ! Watch the video!.  via Vimeo. They require no maintenance and therefore no service contracts and pay back is normally achieved within three months...See the full range of Strap Poka Pallet Strapping Machines

Pallet strapping made difficult?

It's Awful! - Click Here to find out why.

Battery Powered Strapping Tools make the ideal supplementary piece of equipment, particularly the SBXT-2 with it's "one touch operation"

Strap-Pokas Pallet Strapping Machines are manufactured in UK by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd

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