Pallet Strapping Machine - VP2H2

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Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine VP2H2.

...simultaneously applies 2 vertical and 2 horizontal plastic straps around a pallet in just a few seconds and saves even more time than an application simply requiring only two vertical straps. Horizontal straps are normally more difficult to apply but this mobile ( or static) pallet strapping machine makes the job easy as the straps are held level and under slight tension around the pack. Pallet Strapping Machines like this are popular with chemical/paint/oil/fruit and veg packers/manufacturers who need to stabilize palletized metal/plastic containers.

Pallet Strapping Machine  Operation.

Method of operation is simple. Strap is pulled from the top gantries and placed in an automatic strap gripper located in the tip of each fork. Similarly, for the horizontal straps, strap is pulled from the left hand side of the unit and placed into strap grippers located in the arms on the right hand side of the unit. The pallet strapping machine is simply pushed into a pallet and both vertical and horizontal straps are placed around the unit load in a matter of seconds. The operator then releases them one by one, to put them into a  BXT Friction Weld tool for tensioning and sealing in the usual manner.

Why should you consider the VP2H2. Plastic Pallet Strapping Machine?

Pay back on these Strapping Machines is very fast.. just a few months and there is no other way of applying four plastic straps simultaneously, so quickly and with so little effort for such a small capital outlay. Time taken to strap a pallet will be reduced by 70% or more when compared with traditional manual methods. There is no maintainance requirement so no service contracts are needed.

If you’d like to LEARN MORE about the principle on which these units operate click this link Manual Pallet Strapping Made Easy! 

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Battery Powered Strapping Tools.

Battery powered tools are ideal for use with this equipment although use of even the simplest strapping system will not detract from the dramatic savings in time and effort achieved by using The VHP2H2 pallet strapping machine.  'Click here' to see a good selection of the most robust and reliable powered strapping tools.


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