Used Pallet Strapping Machine - VP2SA - Floor And Conveyor Height

Title: Mobile Pallet Strapping VP2SA
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Used Pallet Strapping Machine VP2SA.  

Pallet Strapping Machine VP2SA simultaneously applies two plastic straps to a pallet located on the floor or at a raised level e.g. on conveyor. The forks have stepless height adjustment and can be raised or lowered to suit the application. Typical applications are to apply plastic straps to a stretch wrapped pallet located on the wrapper turntable, where the pallet strapping machine simply indexes into the pallet from one side, and the straps applied prior to removing the pallet from the turntable. Where pallets need to be cross strapped the wrapper turntable is used to rotate the pallet 90 degrees to apply two further plastic straps.

The Pallet Strapping Machine is ALSO used for pallets located on conveyors, and where for example, two half pallets need to strapped individually, one on top of the other and then together. See video of similar pallet strapping machine

These Strapping Machines are bespoke built to the users requirements and options include modifications to place four straps around a pallet all at once - just one push!




Battery Powered Strapping Tools.

Battery Powered Friction Weld Tools are very convenient to use with these Pallet Strapping Machines although use of even the simplest tooling system does not detract from the dramatic saving in time and effort achieved. For a good selection of the most reliable and robust friction weld tools click this link

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