Pallet Strapping Banding Machine - VP3SL- with Stepless Lateral Fork Adjustment

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Pallet Strapping Machine – VP3SL.

... is ideal for manufacturers of board type products that have a very large range of sizes that are palletised and strapped, and need the plastic straps to be placed on specific variable pitches. The VP3SL Pallet Strapping Machine enables all three forks to be independently and quickly/effortlessly adjusted to suit the precise requirement.

Pallet Strapping Machine  Options:

A similar version of this pallet strapping machine is also available with height adjustable forks to enable strapping take place either at floor level or conveyor height, and with batten location points/holders. The machines can also be supplied with an overhead sliding strapping tool support  to provide a virtually 'hands free' operation.
Learn more about the principle on which these pallet strapping machines operate SEE THE VIDEO and literature. Select ‘strapping a pallet in under a minute’ from the list presented. 



Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tools: 

Battery powered plastic tools are very convenient for use with these Pallet Strapping Machines although use of even the simplest strapping tools do not detract from the dramatic reduction in time and effort achieved. See a selection of the most robust and reliable friction weld tools 'here'

Strap-Poka Pallet Strapping Machines are manufactured by: The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham. UK

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