Pallet Strapping - Hands Free - with WS406TSW Work Station

Title: ws406tsw
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Friction Weld Plastic Strapping Tool Work Station.

An extremely useful range of equipment used for pallet strapping that in it’s simplest form allows a friction weld plastic strapping tool fitted with a suspension bracket, to be suspended on a thin wire cable, giving freedom of movement for vertical and horizontal pallet strapping applications, but preventing the strapping tool from hitting the floor if dropped. Note however that the most popular versions are those that support the tool against the side of the pallet for vertical strapping applications – and horizontal strapping to allow virtual ‘hands free’ operation and eliminate the need for the operator to ‘pick up and put down’ the tool hundreds of times each day.

Most battery powered friction weld plastic strapping tools that are returned for repair have been dropped so if it saves just one repair a year the cost of the unit is generally recovered, and if it saves more then it makes big savings on repairs year after year.

The work station also incorporates a safety drop down coilholder for easy coil replacement, a large bin and work surface that allows for the storage and completion of despatch documentation. For anyone using a battery powered friction weld tool for banding pallets this is a sensible must have labour and cost saving accessory.

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