Pallet Strapping Hands Free with WST406TSV Work Station

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Battery Powered Friction Weld Strapping Tool Work Station.

A very simple and essential piece of equipment to aid pallet strapping… that supports a battery powered friction weld strapping tool against the side of a pallet for the application of vertical straps, and that eliminates the need for the operator to pickup/put down the tool hundreds of times a day, thereby making pallet banding easier, faster and less tiring. There is also the added bonus that it prevents the tool being dropped and damaged. The bracket can be retro-fitted to all model WS Friction Weld Strapping Tool Work Stations as required.

Most battery powered friction weld tools that are returned for repair have been dropped so if it saves just one repair a year the cost of the unit is generally recovered, and if it saves more, then it makes big savings on repairs year after year.

The work station also incorporates a safety drop down coilholder for easy coil replacement, a large bin and work surface that allows for the storage and completion of despatch documentation. For anyone using a friction weld tool to strap pallets this is an essential and sensible cost saving accessory.

When ordering please specify model of tool in use so that the correct support base can be supplied and note that work stations can be fitted with coilholders to suit all commonly used reel sizes. If you’d like to make pallet strapping even quicker SEE THE VIDEO and literature on Strap-Pokas

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