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American National Security Agency


email monitoring scandal uncovers startling fact that Brits can manually strap pallets twice as fast as their USA pallet strapping counterparts  a fact that has surprised and intrigued the worlds most technologically advanced nation. Companies in UK using the VP2 and PT2 mobile pallet strapping machines have been told to warn employees of unsolicited approaches and the attempted theft of the equipment, which reduces the time,effort and cost required to strap a pallet by 50 per cent and more. 

The Foreign Office have advised the manufacturer, The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd, Nottingham UK to make the Strapping Machines available to the USA market in order to preserve the special relationship, and as gesture of good will the Company has already published videos showing two of the most popular models. So to our cousins across the pond we say watch these videos and the 'start saving thousands of dollars a year. Click  these links Make pallet strapping easy  and then    Make pallet strapping fast     email to progress the interest further.


Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information.


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