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Stretch Film Back Injury 

 The manual methods of stretch film application to pallets is being recognised by increasing numbers  of UK Companies as a major contributory fact to back injury. The human skeleton is simply not designed to walk round and round a pallet backwards, crouched over a roll of stretchfilm, trying to pull enough tension into the film to hold the pallet load secure, and on high pallets, lifting the roll of film overhead to provide a top covering. This action, repeated over and over again is now linked to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and the cost of these work related injuries is causing re-evaluation of packaging methods and a changeover to the use of plastic strapping wherever product protection from environment is not vital. There are nowadays very fast and easy methods of applying plastic straps to pallets and these are demonstrated by a video Strapping a pallet in under 40 seconds

Another risk identified is that of dizzyness following the necessary backwards spiral 'walk' around the pallet, particularly if the packaging area is also frequented by FLT's. or other moving equipment where personal instability can have serious consequences in the workplace.

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