Polyester strapped timber

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Steel strapping has now been largely superseded by polyester strapping as a means of securing timber packs, having been used for Timber load securement for nearly a hundred years. 
Polyester Strapping Recent technological advancements in both polyester strapping and methods of application have been responsible for the large scale changeover The reasons are many and include Safer to use - no sharp edges and cut hands - Improved shock loading capability - useful in the event of any unexpected shock loading incidents - better recovery characteristics - stays tighter than steel which slackens in the event the load shrinks - doesn't rust - strap section and therefore load bearing ability remains constant. Polyester strap is lighter and easier to handle than steel strapping All safety and risk considerations improve - there is little if any reason not to use it... Except where users compromise the safety of the joint and use cheap makeshift jointing methods. 
 To be able to demonstrate that a company has any meaningful control of packaging safety standards it not only has to use the correct strapping material i.ev polyester and not polypropylene as this material relaxes very quickly see the video - it also has to ensure application methods produce a constant tension and join strength regardless of who applies it, and to achieve this the new battery powered strapping tools are necessary. 
battery bander
Only with these or the more complex and expensive automatic strapping machines a can this objective be achieved... Nothing else will do it and something else is now deemed to be a makeshift solution... as is the risky attitude still exhibited by many managers where cost considerations override those of safety.. generally somebody else's. 
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