Polypropylene Banding Tension Loss

Polypropylene looses significant percentage of applied tension within the first hour - up to 50% in fact, and is accelerated by increases in ambient temperature. This is most noticeable on solid packs with no give such as concrete products and least noticeable on springy packs where the resilience takes up the slackness.

This fact is seldom mentioned to users of polypropylene strapping, and when it is the reaction is often one of dis-belief. Now this relaxtion - the strap fibres get tired under load - can be seen filmed in real time on a tensile test machine, and it will be seen that approx 25% of the total loss occurs in the first  2-3 minute period. Click this link Plastic Banding Tension Loss.

The same test machine is also used to establish plastic strapping joint strengths be they made with metal clips , heat seal or friction weld methods for Companies that wish to demonstrate and maintain they have effective control of packaging safety standards.


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